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(per stats released in the 2014 ISR Oldenurg Breeders Directory)

Over all 2013 foal movement scores by all stallions in the Oldenburg breeders directory,

Saint Sandro foals were the 2nd most consistent best movers of all stallions, only behind top

German stallion Quaterback!

(Photo right of actual SS foal movement scores listed in the directory.)


This is an INCREDIBLE feat!!


Saint Sandro +++/
07' Black Oldenburg Stallion 15.3 hands
Registered:  Oldenburg NA (Premium foal), and 1/2 AHA Arabian.

LIFETIME APPROVED for breeding with:  Oldenburg N.A. (score 217.5), RPSI  - Book 1


70 day Test Scores: Dressage 94.88, Jumping 93.39, Overall 92.63

Breakdown of Individual 70DT Scores:

Character 9.5     Temperament 8.5     Willingness to Work 9      Constitution 8.5     Rideability 8.5
Walk 8      Trot 7.5     Canter 8      Gallop 8.5   Free Jump 8.5     Jump u/s 7.5     Cross County 8.5


First and Only Oldenburg Warmblood/Arabian to complete and pass a 70/100DT European Warmblood stallion Licensing Test in World History.


Looking for a Versatile Modern Refining Stallion for your mare?

                                                                            You just found him...

  Correct Compact Conformation

   Currently training for FEI Dressage

   Natural talent for upper level collected work
   Exceptional rideability, trainability, and temperament

   "8" Jump scores across the board - 80% jumping index
   Top WB lines
of Stedinger / Sandro Hit, w/ modern refining Arab blood


(Pictured Fall 2012 as a 5 year old)


THE Quintessential Versatile Modern 'All-Arounder' Stallion!

Saint Sandro is an incredible young, up and coming newly approved stallion with Rhythm, Power, Swing, Elasticity, and Suspension. He is very compact & powerful and promises to excel in upper level FEI dressage work as well as also proving the talent for  Eventing, and Hunter/jumpers. Saint's correct conformation, "Hack winning" type gaits, and jumping style for the "A" Hunter ring in which resulted  in a large offer by one of the top hunter riders in the country. Needless to say, he is not for sale and we have chosen to pursue his FEI dressage career.


FEI Rider/Trainer J. M. commented on Saint Sandro's conformation, type, and build to be exceptionally suited toward upper level FEI collected work, specifically excited to say "...with his conformation, his piaffe and passage should be Extraordinary!!". J.M. is an International FEI trainer and competitor who has worked with Saint Sandro under saddle.


Additionally, at Saint's stallion inspection, the Oldenburg inspector commented on Saint Sandro being an "All around" type stallion destined for FEI Dressage coupled with an impressive jump and technique, stating he would be a wonderful cross for mare owners looking to refine and produce all around athleticism. He stated most stallions are bred to be of one type/suited for one discipline and it was nice to find a stallion of such versatile breeding/athleticism all in one package as an option for mare owners. Even by the young age of 4 he had proven his versatility in Hunters, Dressage, Jumpers, Sporthorse in hand and Sporthorse Under saddle with top 10's in most every class at the National Level. This impressive accomplishment is proven by his outstanding show record. (please visit his results page for details). By 5 years of age Saint Sandro has already confirmed his versatility by competing in Hunters (pleasure, working, and hunter derbies),  Jumpers (Showing 1.20m, schooling 1.40m) , Event schooling to Prelim, and is continuing his training towards the FEI levels of Grand Prix Dressage. We feel very strongly that  proving a stallions versatility is essential in confirming any potential all-around athleticism to be genetically passed onto all resulting foals. 


Saint Sandro dressage schooling.




Conformation Overview: Saint Sandro is a very strong compact type whose conformation lends itself toward ability for upper level collected work and carrying power, push, and forehand lift from behind.

Individual area assessment is as follows:

HEAD: Very typey head with wide set eyes, and short straight profile. Consistently "prettying up" the heads in his foals.

NECK: Well set on, carried from top through to poll, with good length and clean throat latch. He greatly improves on neck set, carriage, and length.

SHOULDER/WITHER/SADDLE POSITION: Saint was used as an example to have a "PERFECT" shoulder with 45deg shoulder angle, but more impressively coupled with the ideal 90deg shoulder to elbow connection. To have one or the other is great, but to find both in a shoulder is extremely rare. This correctness allows for full range of correct usage of shoulder. The wither flows very smoothly into the back, with a wide set. Saint is in a WIDE saddle and does not throw narrow. We would not recommend him to those looking for a more narrow build. He is passing on big free moving shoulders in his foals with correct saddle placements.

LOIN/CROUP: Short, very strong loin with extremely forward placed LS joint placement and long croup. This is Saint's most impressive and important conformation quality he consistently passes on. It is extremely rare to find a stallion with a strong loin connection where the LS joint is IN FRONT OF the point of hip. Even more rare is to find the stallion with the ability the ability to consistently shorten and strengthen the loin and bring the LS connection forward no matter how distal placed or weak the mares LS connection may be. We would not recommend Saint to lengthen a mare.

FORELEGS: Long forearm with clearance of elbow in heart-girth, short cannons with dense bone, nicely sloping med length strong pasterns, and tough correct hooves. The front the legs are VERY straight and correct with true tracking in all gaits and no interference. He does not wing or paddle. Foals are very correct and straight tracking in their gaits. Although Saint himself is not excessively 'leggy' looking, we have found he throws VERY "leggy" foals (foals with LONG legs) and would not recommend him to shorten leg on a mare.

HINDLEGS: Very deep set hip with low point of hip, connected to high placed stifle. This lends to a very desirable 'tight" triangle within the hind quarters. Impressive 'spring like" angulation of joint connections through stifle, gaskin, and hock continuing down the leg and it is this compilation between hindquarter and leg that allow for Saint's ability to have his hind end reach actually up under and to his wither with an unusually huge overtrack and allow for sit, push, and carrying power behind. It is very rare to see such defined, strong angulations in a hind end. All foals have this incredible hind end.


Early years: As a 3 year old Saint Sandro started his under saddle training Spring 2010 under the tutelage of FEI dressage trainer Julio Mendoza. He then was further accepted into Dr. Cesar Parra's personal training program "Piaffe-Performance" where they assisted in preparing Saint Sandro for his Inspections. In light of his exceptionall trainability, it was advised by the inspectors and trainers for Saint Sandro to complete the 70 day test as a 3 yr old. Typically this is not advised as most stallions are not mature enough or have the mental trainability as a 3 yr old to handle such a rigorous test. All agreed Saint was mature both physically and more importantly mentally and advised to proceed as a 3 yr old. As expected Saint Sandro completed and passed the 70DT with wonderful scores.


Showing and Training: Saint Sandro has shown in the 3' hunter ring, Open Jumpers, Training/First Level Dressage, and was schooled up to training/prelim level eventing.  His impressive early show record so far solidified his potential in almost every ring. We were very impressed to see him do so well in the Hunter ring and have received nothing but positive comments  and recommendations toward his potential for "A" Hunter showing however we feel this would be a disservice to not take him to his full potential in the dressage ring- for what he was born and bred to do. Still, Saint has proven to be versatile enough to go from the Dressage ring, to Hunter in hand, to the hunter ring and win at everything all in the same weekend. As a 5 year old Saint dabbled in the hunter ring, pinning in everything he was entered with numerous Champions. By Mid-Summer the decision was made he had confirmed enough versatility and was ready to go into focused dressage training to work towards his final goal of Grand Prix. Please visit his Results page for more info and photos on his show career.


Approval Status: Saint Sandro is LIFETIME Approved for breeding with Oldenburg N.A. and RPSI - Book 1. Saint Sandro attended and passed the 2010 North American Stallion 70 Day Test where he met requirements for performance for  lifetime licensing Approval with OLDna, as well as Book 1 status with RPSI.


Size information: Saint Sandro is a reasonably sized 15.3 hand option for mare owners looking for a smaller sized Sandro Hit lined stallion for their mare. Most ALL Sandro Hit lined stallions are 17+ hands. Saint Sandro's first 3 foal crop have all produced medium to large sized foals (He is not producing 'small' size- and has produced nice typical sized WB foals.). We have found he refines down bone on a thick mare, and adds bone to a lighter mares. Saint Sandro is one of a select few "small" WB stallion options currently on the market available. We welcome inquiries on his size, and how it may cross with your mare. He is one of a handful of stallions proven to have been safely bred down to a 12h pony mare (resulting offspring estimated to mature 13.2-14h) on up to 18h mare (resulting offspring estimated to mature to 17.2-18h).


F1 Arab Refining Info: OLDna inspector 'EB' commented on Saint Sandro stating that "his Arab blood would be of great interest and benefit to breeders for refinement". In addition, he informed us that "just earlier today a mare owner was asking for suggestions on a 'refining dressage stallion' and Saint Sandro would be a perfect option". There is no other Licensed Warmblood F1 refining stallion with 1/2 Arabian blood offering an option for 25% Arab blood offspring. This ability to produce 25% arab blood is the perfect option for mare owners looking to lighten a mare without the risk of over refining. The Arab refining element vs Tb also brings in much needed denser bone,  heartiness, hybrid vigor, correct compactness, soundness, and unique refining  rather than the typical TB route. You cannot find this in ANY other US Warmblood stallion. 


Color status: Saint Sandro has been DNA tested and is Homozygous Black (EE), and carries no agouti (a/a) or brown (no At). He can only produce genetically BLACK based foals, meaning Saint will only throw his Black genes and therefore foals will be black or bay (bay -agouti or brown- would possibly come from the mare if not tested - and the chance for bay would depend on her agouti status.). Saint cannot sire a red foal ever.

Saint Sandro goes to 2011 Sport Horse Nationals with Outstanding Results!!

National Reserve Grand Champ 2x in Hand, National Top 10 Green Working Hunter- 2nd Nationally in the hack under both Judges, National Top 10 ATR Jumpers at 3'3, National Top 10 Jr/ Sporthorse- placing 1st under the Dressage Judge Nationally! Show Results Here


Saint Sandro +++/ has earned the following levels of AHA "Horse Achievement Awards" in 2011 (52 in-hand, and 69 performance for a total of 121 Points):

LEGION OF HONOR "+"  (Half-Arabians/Anglo-Arabians - 60 points)

LEGION OF SUPREME HONOR "+/"  (Half-Arabians/Anglo - Arabians-120 points)

LEGION OF MERIT "++"  (Half-Arabians/Anglo-Arabians - 60 points, with a minimum of 25 in breeding/in-hand and 25 in performance)

LEGION OF SUPREME MERIT "+++"  (Half-Arabians/Anglo-Arabians - 120 points, with a minimum of 50 breeding/in-hand and 50 in performance)

See info here:


Saint Sandro goes to his first two "A" Rated shows and Region 15 Championships with Outstanding Results: Show Results Here


Showing in hand, Overall Grand Champion every time out at multiple shows in both Dressage and Hunter, Spring 2013 as a coming 6 yr old:


Saint Sandro was accepted into training with FEI Olympic trainer Dr. Cesar Parra's at Piaffe-Performance in preparations for his inspections and 70DT.

We thank Dr.Parra, Katie, Nadine, as well as the whole team at PP for their involvement and diligence in preparing Saint Sandro to achieve his Approvals.


Saint Sandro Schooling Dressage at home with FEI trainer showing his exceptional use of his hind end at the canter.


Saint Sandro Schooling Shoulder in - Lateral work is proving to be very natural and easily given by Saint


Saint's jumping talent and natural ability were solidified by his impressive scores for Jumping at the 70DT as follows: Free Jump 8.5     Jump u/s 7.5     Cross County 8.5

In addition, Saint Sandro received all 8's on Jumping at his OLDna inspection receiving the 2nd highest jumping index.


Saint Sandro Winning a 3' Working Hunter Class Showing his near perfect jumping style.                                                         Sporthorse Nationals Top 5 Jumpers:                               


   Free Jumping 1.40m (4'6") easily clearing with great form and scope:                       As a 3 yr old at the 70DT with only 3 weeks of Jumping training:                                     Saint Sandro Schooling at home over 3'9"                                            


Saint Sandro Cross Country:


Schooling at home as a 3 yr old.

Saint Sandro as a 2 yr old:


Breeding opportunities are available to all mares. We are specifically interested in breeding to Elite/Premium WB and Arab mares and offer significant discounts to quality mares. Other breeds, as well as grade mares, welcomed to inquire about breeding. All mares will be equally evaluated and accepted on an individual basis. Discounts are extended to proven performance mares.


Stud fee: 1,500

Breeding Incentive Specials  Available for:

*Premium* MMB approved mares and MMB Approved mares

Includes non-refundable $150 booking & $250 Initial handling fee.

*does not apply to any specials or discount breedings.


Contracts to print and send in:

Breeding Contract         Shipped Semen Contract

All contracts and unpaid balances must be settled at least 48 hours to any request for semen. All checks will extend this period for 7 business days, or until funds clear. All requests for semen must be made at least 48 hours prior to date of shipment.

These policies ensure we do not overlook any loose ends in a mad rush to deliver semen. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in efforts to make your breeding experience run as smoothly as possible.


Saint Sandro was accepted as one of six foundation sires for the Korean Verband project under auspices of the USDA, Dr. Corey Miller DVM, ACT of EMCO, the NCIE.